Working with Horn: with Ross Plant

Full day Saturday and Sunday-

BOOK HERE: Click on this link to go to the online event page and then on the Green TICKETS tab to secure your place!

Mould and shape and polish cattle horn into spoons, letter openers, pate knives, bangles and jewellery.

Horn spoons
horn bracelet









Select a horn then learn or practice the steps involved in creating your own kitchen, office or jewellery items using a variety of hand and power tools as well as gas burners and hot oil. As illustrated in the videos on the web site below.



horn 2

Growing up on the renowned Northern Darling Downs property of ‘Trevanna’, Ross Plant has always had a close kinship with the land, nature and cattle. Already an accomplished cattleman, it is not surprising that Ross has turned his hand to value-adding his product by working with horn and leather. Currently honing his skills on horn and pewter, Ross now creates exquisite, unique pieces of beauty and function using only fine Italian pewter and Australian horn. Ross’ eye for detail has many elite national galleries throughout Australia ordering and selling his horn and pewter creations.

horn 1DSCF7705ee

What participants should bring

Protective clothing, Dust mask, eye protection, ear plugs or muffs, leather gloves, enclosed shoes.

Materials Cost to participant: $10/ horn



INSTAGRAM: crofterscraft


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