Wildlife Sculpture with Paul Stumkat

Full day  Sunday

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Using ancient sculpture techniques this workshop will give you the skills needed to create your own sculpture using a block of limestone.



Master Sculptor and Palaeontologist Paul Stumkat will be conducting this workshop. Paul Stumkat is a master sculptor of many different media from ancient stones to modern plastics and bronze. His sculptures and museum artworks are present in museums, public areas and private collection in Australia and overseas. If you are keen to learn the one of the first art forms of Mankind then this is the workshop to attend!

Paul is also an award winning Natural History Artist. He has developed skills and received numerous qualifications in a broad range of artistic and associated fields.


With a background in museum preparation work, he has spent the last 27 years sculpting models of extinct animals, including taxidermy of some of Australia’s rarest marsupials. Scientific experts are consulted as are scientific journals, in order to achieve accurate reconstructions of the subject. Pauls experience in this field has been both local and international and his work has been commissioned by Australian museums and international collectors with some material used by the movie industry.




Materials cost: $33
What to bring:

Protective Clothing

• Over coat or old shirt
• Safety classes
• Leather cloves (Soft rigger type)
• Leather shoes with closed in toes preferably steel capped
• Dust mask,(if sensitive to limestone dust) the more expensive the better quality.

• Metal Lump hammer or wooded mallet (Can be supplied by tutor)
• 30mm wood chisel
• Old wood saw. Or pruning saw
• Old butter knife or other broken old knifes
(These will be altered into carving knives)
• Pen and drawing paper

website: http://www.stumkatstudios.com/


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