Introduction to the world of Gourd Art with Birgit Grapentin

Half day workshop available: Saturday PM and Sunday AM

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Create and design your unique decorated gourd to take home. No skills required. All material

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Join sculptor Birgit Grapentin to be introduced to gourd art.

Gourds are wonderful products of Nature and have been used by ancient cultures all around the world for bowls, dippers, baskets, water containers, musical instruments, and ornaments of art. No longer considered a craft, gourd art is now elevated to a variety of galleries and magazines.

Birgit Grapentin is a professional sculptor and lives in the Lockyer Valley. Her medium
is usually stone. While working in South America, she discovered the beauty and variety
of gourd art. She found a gourd grower in Toowoomba and started to create her own
gourd art. She likes to share her discovery with you.



Workshop schedule ( 2 ½ hours)
• Demonstration how to clean and prepare a gourd for a project
• Introduction to diverse techniques and tools required.
• Drawing and Design of your own pattern on paper , which can be as simple as complicated
as you wish
• Transfer of the pattern with pencil onto the gourd
• Drawing the pencil line with black ink pen
• Sealing your gourd
• Enjoy your gourd art
NB: Age group should be 12 and above.


Materials Cost: $20  cleaned gourd, ink pen
If a younger person likes to explore this project, they should come with an adult. If a mum or dad like to bring their child, Birgit can provide a small gourd for $ 5 for the child, so both can work with a gourd

What participants should bring/ wear: Pencil and paper, and if they wish their own designs, and a water bottle for themselves, and please wear old clothing or an apron.


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