Dream Catchers: with Birgit Grapentin

Sunday afternoon workshop

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Create your own beautiful dreamcatcher to catch your dreams. No skills required. All material provided.

Ever wanted to learn how to weave a dream catcher?  In this workshop, artist Birgit Grapentin will teach you the calming art of dream catcher making.





The art of dream catchers making is a great way to free your mind, relax and stimulate your creativity and hand crafting skills.

Dream Catchers originated in Native America. It is believed that good dreams enter through the hole in the centre and travel down the feathers to the sleeping person below. Bad dreams are trapped by the dream catcher net and disappear in the morning sunlight.They are traditionally made of willow and sinew, and decorated with things from everyday life.


You will learn the traditional weaving techniques and shown how to embellish and decorate your creation with material of your choice to make something totally unique. There will be a wide assortment of items for you to add to your dream catcher to choose from ( feathers, ribbons, beads,natural materials and more)

Birgit will discuss with you other materials, techniques, and ideas that can be used to make future dream catcher creations.  Everyone attending the workshop will leave with a complete and ready to use Dream catcher! Suitable for ages over 10 years.


Birgit Grapentin is a professional sculptor and lives in the Lockyer Valley. Her medium is usually stone. She likes to explore a variety of other creative techniques to find new ideas for her work as a sculptor.

What to Bring: Water bottle for your own use

Materials Cost: $10








Materials cost: TBA


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