Childrens Workshops

Come……..Enter a Magical world of fun and learning at Arts In The Olives 2016

Childrens workshops

ALL CHILDRENS WORKSHOPS LISTED BELOW ARE FREE FOR TUITION , although a small charge for materials may be required.

NB:Some of the general workshops are also suitable for children and are listed under “Workshops 2016” and standard tuition fees apply.

Most free children’s workshops are drop-in. Times vary according to workshop. Workshops run from 10am to 4pm (with breaks)

Junk Orchestra- Rob and Jo Davies

On the day write your name on the black board for different sessions. You will want to stop and listen and watch for a while anyway because the kids sound so great and their enthusiasm and fun is contagious. Adults are also welcome to participate. Cost for materials $2.00


Clay art for Children; with The Potters

Children will make a creature such as a sea-turtle from clay. Loads of fun and playing with textures. Firing prices to be advised.

Participants should bring – Apron or old clothes, towel, bucket and any designs you may have.

Materials Cost – Clay – $3 clay

may june 2012 020


Flowers and Wild Things: with Erica and friends

Enter a magical forest glade on the riverbank and learn to print with flowers and stones onto fabric and paper and how to look at the home garden and anywhere in nature as a printing factory for the whole family!
Children can also create “wild things” using textiles, yarn and found objects, and then take their new creation home to remember the fun they had at Arts In The Olives 2016!

Materials cost $5


Riverbank Critters: with Sal Hart and friends

The riverbank trees become a place of woven enchantment where children learn to make critters using straw and wool allowing their vivid imaginations to run free, while learning a technique used by ancient cultures to bring animal forms to woven life .

Materials cost $5

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