Childrens Workshops

Come……..Enter a Magical world of fun and learning at Arts In The Olives 2016

Childrens workshops

ALL CHILDRENS WORKSHOPS LISTED BELOW ARE FREE FOR TUITION , although a small charge for materials may be required.

NB:Some of the general workshops are also suitable for children and are listed under “Workshops 2017” and standard tuition fees apply.

Most free children’s workshops are drop-in. Times vary according to workshop. Workshops run from 10am to 4pm (with breaks)

Junk Orchestra- Rob and Jo Davies

On the day write your name on the black board for different sessions. You will want to stop and listen and watch for a while anyway because the kids sound so great and their enthusiasm and fun is contagious. Adults are also welcome to participate. Cost for materials: TBA


Creative Sculpture; with The Potters

Participants should bring – Apron or old clothes, towel, bucket and any designs you may have.

Materials Cost – Clay – TBA

may june 2012 020


Riverbank Fun & Creativity: with Erica and friends

Materials cost $5


Weaving Flying Critters or Weave a Random Story: with Therese Flynn-Clarke

The riverbank trees become a place of woven enchantment where children learn to make critters while learning weaving techniques used by ancient cultures to bring forms to woven life .

Materials cost TBA

Children may also Learn about and walk The Labyrinth by the bubbling river waters:



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