Blacksmithing with Gilbert Louttit

SESSIONS: One or two day workshops – Saturday and Sunday

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This is a truly ‘by-hand’ experience of working metal. Come and play with fire for a day or two and see what magic you can create from steel at plastic heat. A day of fun and challenge. Take home something decorative/useful. Both days a mixture of beginners and repeat offenders. All materials and tuition provided. Using forges and anvils – the object of the workshop is to learn the fundaments of hot forging. Most of you will take home the skills of ‘drawing out’ (making the workpiece longer and thinner), ‘upsetting’ (making it shorter and thicker), ‘twisting’, ‘hot cutting’ and ‘punching’ to form a hole.



Feel free to bring an idea or component of your own project in. If it is too complex or above your skill level (which will become apparent whilst making the hooks), we can find something achievable to ensure you can go home with a completed project.




Be prepared to be muscle-sore in your dominant arm and pleasantly challenged to do stuff that is for most, totally new and possibly a bit daunting.

Blacksmithing is very like playing with plasticine only one needs to hold the material with tongs and manipulate it with a hammer and anvil. It has another similarity to working plasticine in that it is very basic. Most people find that in a short time and with a little practice they can achieve the task and begin to apply their own uniqueness of design.

Indeed, like all hand crafts each practitioner develops their own unique style that may reflect something of their own character and each piece has its own variations that mark it as different from the previous.



In a world where the mass manufactured good is indistinguishable from the previous, that can be refreshing and inspiring.


What you will need

Safety gear: clear safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs or muffs.
NB: You will not be permitted to the work area with out safety glasses on.

Leather shoes and long sleeved cotton shirt and trousers are essential

Leather apron and leather gloves optional

Participants should be at minimum of high school age to have sufficient strength.

A ball pein hammer of a weight that you can swing all day and not do yourself an injury…..(ie. ideally 2-3 lb… or if you’re confused – defer to lighter rather than heavier)  Borrowed is ok – but don’t go out and buy one as I have spares.

Please bring a pen and notebook for designing, and sun protection and lots of water.


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