Bamboo Flute Making with Windelf- Noel Dowling

Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon

BOOK HERE: Click on this link to go to the online event page and then on the Green TICKETS tab to secure your place!  

Make your own beautiful flute using basic handtools and battery drills
participants can make and tune their own bamboo shakuhachi in the key of D, or a Native American (fipple ) flute in key of A, or  a transverse flute in the key of G.

Lots N A Flutes


Basic playing lesson can be given with workshop as well as a fingering chart for the notes of the flute


flute 4



I have been playing bamboo flutes for over 20 years and making them for at least the last 10.


Through his website Windelf now sells his flutes all over the world. No previous skill is necessary to make or play these flutes tho the shakuhachi can be a challenging instrument to learn ….

Basic handtools and battery drills will be used to make the flute using heat treated bamboo blanks.

Participants under 11 need adult assistance

All materials and tools will be supplied by Windelf.

Materials cost: $10

3 Half day sessions- Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning or afternoon.

flute 3


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