Paste- Paper- Art : – Lorraine Brown

Learn decorative techniques that allow you to create graphic images on paper which can then be used for anything you desire.


Using a technique that is centuries old, designs can be created using various tools to
create graphic images. You will be shown how to make some basic tools for use. By
using unconventional tools, you can produce stunning pieces of paper art that is varied
and beautiful for your own later use. The possibilities of design are endless.


It’s up to your own imagination and under your control. This is a fun workshop from start to finish.
Can be messy so best to wear old clothes or apron, and bring rags, pencil, disposable gloves


Session time – half day or full day: Session times are 9.00-11.30am; 1.00-3.30pm.

ยท Materials Cost to participant : $ 10


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